Live animals


This Chapter covers all live animals except :

  • (a) fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, of heading 0301, 0306, 0307or 0308;
  • (b) cultures of micro-organisms and other products of heading 3002; and
  • (c) animals of heading 9508

Chapter 01 | Live animals

Tariff Item Description of goodsUnitStandard Rate of duty0101Live Horses, Asses, Mules, And HinniesHorses:01012100Pure-bred breeding animals:u30%0101 29Other:01012910Horses for polou30%01012990Otheru30%0101 30Asses01013010Pure-bred breeding animals:u30%01013020livestocku30%01013090Otheru30%0101 90Other:01019030Mules and hinnies as livestocku30%01019090Otheru30% Tariff ItemDescription of goodsUnitStandard Rate of duty0102Live…

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